Diaspora 2019 Verdict: Nigerians in USA, Canada Endorse Atiku

Diaspora 2019 Verdict: Nigerians in USA, Canada Endorse Atiku

Worried about the poor state of the economy and frustrations of inflation and hardship, Nigerians in diaspora under the aegis “Friends of Atiku” have called on the former Vice President of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to step in to save the country come 2019.

In a statement, Mr. Martins Okonye, the Co-ordinator, Friends of Atiku noted that it is time for all well meaning Nigerians to arise and urge Atiku Abubakar to rescue Nigeria.

Okonye noted “There’s a loud outcry of bitterness, bourne out of the current recession, it has never been this bad in the history of the country, the Nigeria state is grounded, prices of foodstuff and commodities have skyrocketed beyond the reach of the average Nigerian while salaries are either slashed or unpaid.

He averred that Atiku has demonstrated unprecedented leadership character, proven courage in defense of democracy and capacity to manage difficult economic situation.” Thus, Nigerians awaits his declaration to run in 2019. Not minding the negative narratives that are been peddled by his detractors ”

He further revealed that the vision of restructuring Nigeria as envisaged and championed by Atiku would empower the federating units and guarantee self development with its comparative advantages based on its natural endowments and urged Nigerians to join Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in the campaign for restructuring of the country, re – awakening renaissance and development

Continuing, Okonye observed that the vision of restructuring will be done in a manner that all states will produce enough to pay salaries and develop competitively, because Atiku has the capacity to revive the Nigeria economy and would use his experience to provide more job, aside over 50, 000 jobs he has created. As an astute businessman he has attracted over N10 trillion through direct foreign investments to the Oil and Gas Free Trade Zone at Onne. Besides, his approach in philanthropy and religious liberalist has endeared him to all ethno – religious diversity.

“Experience matters, his experience is needed to cement the unity of Nigeria and his belief in social and environmental justice singles him out as the bestman for 2019. Atiku understands clearly the foundational errors of the entity called Nigeria and we believe that if given the chance to rule, he will transform the Nation for good.” Okonye posited.

The “Friends of Atiku” has it’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia with chapters in  all fifty states in the United States of America and Canada with a membership strength of over 18,650 members and counting.

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